Does metformin cause erectile dysfunction

Can too much porn/masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?  February 13, 2014 – 08:47 am
Metformin diabetes pill gives men s love life a lift | Mail Online


It very well could be porn induced ED. It seems to be becoming more popular, especially in young males. If you masturbate multiple times per day to pornography for a period of two years, it is possible to desensitize your brain to a "normal" sexual situation, which can result in either not obtaining an erection or not sustaining an erection.

Also, you may be experiencing a lack of stimuli while watching the same pornography. I believe this is where the problem begins. The viewer finds other "more extreme" forms of pornography to satisfy himself. Typically, this doesn't happen through normal sex with your partner because you are not having sex with her multiple times a day, and she is only able to be herself... and it is unlikely she would be able to constantly out-perform herself to more extreme sex acts. However, with internet porn so readily available, the viewer can switch from mild, to extreme, to very extreme all in one masturbating session that results in a single ejaculation.

This behavior is generally considered porn addiction, but there may be no actual addiction involved. The viewer may simply not realize it is harmful before the harm is done. And that viewer can likely reverse the damage by staying away from porn altogether. If you are one of those that can do without the porn, then I would suggest laying off of it, forever if possible. You should also limit your masturbation. My best suggestion would be to only engage in soft masturbation, where not only the fantasies are light, but also lighten the physical stimulation your penis receives. If that is not enough to make you reach orgasm, I suggest a serious cutback of self pleasure until you are able to do so.

Anyway, I hope at least some of this helps.


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